Keltron DataTap FACP Interface

Keltron’s provides solutions for multi-building facilities. Their innovative DataTapTM is a unique interface that enables faster and more accurate life safety event response.

An intelligent link from the fire alarm control panel (FACP) to Keltron's active network wireless transceivers, DataTapTM converts otherwise printed FACP data into point-specific alarm information that is received and transmitted through the wireless transceiver to the monitoring operator at a remote location.

The Keltron DataTap has an optically isolated RS232 data port for monitoring any serial data source. Typically, this port is connected to the printer port of an FACP.

Hardware control lines (RTS/CTS) are available to supervise the cable connection. Using special personality software, the DataTap analyzes the FACP printer data for event codes and point addresses, then outputs a contact-ID message over a second RS-232 port dedicated to the RF transceiver connection. Contact-ID provides annunciation of the account number, point or zone number and an event or detector type, in the event code field.

Whenever possible the connection to the FACP is supervised. In the event of a fault, a generic fault message is transmitted using contact-ID via the active networked radio system. To aid with receiver system programming a manual is available which includes the conversion tables for all compatible FACPs.

The DataTap is ideal for multi-building sites such as campuses, industrial and commercial facilities, government and military complexes and municipalities. The Keltron system provides an integrated system of fire and security alarm monitoring, dispatching and reporting.

Keltron offers fire and security alarm monitoring systems for facilities that monitor their own alarms and/or employ off-site, commercial alarm monitoring service companies. 

Reliance on telephone lines and old wiring to transmit fire information is becoming increasingly expensive and unreliable. Keltrons system can simultaneously receive signals using both new and legacy communications technology. 

Newer Technologies - Ethernet (IP) and active network radio provide faster, more reliable communications, with no monthly costs. 

Legacy Communications - Keltrons systems combine legacy communications such as telephone lines, direct wire and multiplex with new technologies to enable phased-in transition within time and budgets.


  • Mounts conveniently inside Keltron's RF750F wireless transceivers
  • Supports multiple FACP panels including Notifier, Siemens, FCI, Gamewell and Edwards
  • Connects through the FACP's RS-232 data port
  • Supervised connection to supported FACPs
  • Generates generic fault message in the event of a fault
  • Easy installation


FACPs Supported1 Notifier AM2020, AFP1010, AFP200, 300, 400, NFS640, Firelite MS9200, Siemens MXL/MXLV, FCI FC-7200, Gamewell Flex 600, EST-2, QSC, SK5820XL
I/O Connections RS-232 data link to RF750F or 7050-E (internal), isolated RS232 data port (barrier strip)
Controls 1 reset switch and jumper pins for FACP model and reporting options
Size 3.9” x 5” x 1.2” approximately
Mounting Inside locking case of RF750F or 7050-E wireless transceivers
Power Requirement 12V, primary and backup power provided by wireless transceiver. Normal current 70mA.
Central Station Requirement Consult Keltron for a complete list of compatible FACPs

1Consult Keltron for a complete list of compatible FACPs

Order Codes and Options

Keltron DataTap FACP Interface 95K3222