Firefighter Phone Assembly

The AV-TEL-MCCS is a command center firefighter phone assembly for use with Advanced Firefighter Phone System. The AV-TEL-MCCS assembly includes a firefighter phone, phone enclosure and an interface module for connect to an Advanced AX-TEL-RISE6 6-way multiple telephone riser module. Up to two (2) AV-TEL-MCCS command center firefighter phones can be connected to the AV-TEL-RISE6 6-way telephone riser module.

Both the Advanced CCM-01-ID2 (3x3 command center) and CCM-02-ID2 (3x5 command center) inner doors can support an AV-TEL-MCCS firefighter phone assembly, mounted in the bottom left side double aperture.


  • Compatible with Axis AX Series Firefighter Phone System Command Centers
  • Class B Supervised Interface Wiring
  • Up to Two AV-TEL-MCCS per AV-TEL-RISE6 Module
  • Built-in Phone Communications Noise Filter


  • All Circuits Power Limited
  • High Impact Plastic Firefighter Phone
  • Pluggable Terminal Blocks

Listings and Approvals

  • ETL ANSI/UL 864 Listed: 101564744NYM-001
  • NYCFD COA #6105A2

Wiring Diagram

Order Codes and Options

AV-TEL-MCCS Command Center Firefighter Phone Assembly (for use with Advanced Firefighter Phone System)