6-Way Telephone Riser Module

The AV-TEL-RISE6 module is an Advanced 6-way telephone riser module that can be mounted in an Axis AX command center (fire alarm command center or firefighter phone node) or in a dedicated enclosure with integral power supply charger (AV-TEL6-REM).

The AV-TEL-RISE6 telephone risers can be wired either Class A or B to an AV-JACK, AV-TEL-SUP and/or AVCTEL module. Supervision/trouble monitoring of the telephone riser wiring is accomplished per telephone location through a dedicated 55000-820ADV, I/O switch monitor & relay output module, at each AVJACK, AV- TEL-SUP and/or AV-CTEL module.

The AV-TEL-RISE6 can support two (2) command center phones (AV-TEL-MCCS). A maximum of five (5) field firefighter phones (AV-JACK, AV-TEL-SUP and/or AV-CTEL modules) and the command center phone may be active at the same time on each AV-TEL- RISER6 telephone riser.

Each AV-TEL-RISE6 has an audio output that can be connected to an AV-AMP-80 audio amplifier, allowing remote firefighter phone paging (patch) control by the command center.

For installations where the same power supply feed of an AV-TEL-RISE6 module is connected to an AV-AMP-80 audio amplifier an Advanced AX-DCF, DC supply filter module is available. The AX-DCF module filters out any feedback noise generated from the audio amplifier.


  • Class A or B Wiring
  • Each Circuit can Support 35 Firefighter Phones
  • Maximum Five (5) Active Phones
  • Optional Phone Patch Paging
  • Supports Two (2) Command Center Firefighter Phones
  • Pluggable Terminal Blocks
  • Supervised Power Supply Monitoring Input
  • Integral Form“C” Fail-Safe Trouble Contact
  • Built-in Short Circuit Isolation 

Listings and Approvals

  • ETL ANSI/UL 864 Listed: 102445509NYM-001
  • NYCFD COA #6105A2

Wiring Diagram

Order Codes and Options

AV-TEL-RISE6 6-Way Firefighter Telephone Riser Module
AV-TEL6-REM* Remote Enclosure with AV-TEL-RISE6 module and AX-PSU-6 Power Supply Charger
AX-DCF DC Supply Filter Module

* Add suffix-G to part number for gray color