Intelligent Manual Pull Stations

Advanced Intelligent Manual Pull Stations (AX-APS2) consist of a family of versatile, low profile, and high quality addressable manual pull stations. Easily recognizable during a fire situation, the AX-APS2 stations are constructed of rugged die-cast metal for long life and reliability, with a high gloss red finish and raised white “FIRE” lettering. A red LED on the front of the station flashes during polling and turns on steady in alarm. Integrated into the station is a Form C relay output that activates when in alarm. All models are fitted with a common key-lock for resetting (CAT B / CAT 30) which is common with the panel key.

The AX-APS2 stations are ETL Listed to the ANSI/UL- 38 Standard and have been found to be in compliance with the latest requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Activation of the pull station meets the requirements for five pound maximum pull force, and the single hand activation.

Available in either single (AX-APS2-F1) or dual (AXAPS2-F2) action configuration, the AX-APS2 stations are designed to prevent false alarms when bumped, jarred or shaken. The dual action AX-APS2-F2 further deters malicious false alarms by requiring a two process function for activation; first push the “PUSH” bar inwards which then allows the “PULL” bar to be grasped and pulled outward.

Optional surface back boxes are available for indoor applications. The Intelligent Manual Pull Stations are available in a variety of colors to meet various special application requirements. Colored stations do not include the raised white “FIRE” labeling, but are capable of accommodating labels for Alert, Alarm, Exit, Evac, etc. identification. Special applications can include; weather alert, door release, medical emergency, fire suppression activation and others.

Operation: The AX-APS2 stations are operated by pulling the handle marked “PULL” on the front of the station as far down as it will go. At this point, the station will lock in place and is easily visible from up to 50 feet away. The activation handle is reset by opening the station with the reset key (keyed to match Axis AX Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels), returning the toggle switch to its “Normal” position, moving the handle to its upright position and relocking the station. On the AXAPS2-F2 dual station model, the “PUSH” bar must be pushed inward prior to pulling the handle marked “PULL”.


  • ADA Compliant
  • Single or Dual Action
  • Rugged Die-Cast Metal Construction
  • Red Status LED
  • Integrated Form C Relay Contact
  • Low Profile, High Visibility Design
  • Visual Indication of Activation including Red Status LED
  • Surface or Semi-Flush Mount
  • Available in Special Application Colors
  • Key-Lock Reset

Listings and Approvals

  • ETL ANSI/UL 38 Listed: 3186781NYM-001
  • ETL ANSI/UL 864 Listed: 101564744NYM-001
  • CSFM Approved: 7165-1713:0101
  • NYCFD COA #6105


Operating Voltage 17-28 VDC, with Communication Pulses 5-9 VDC
Operating Current

1.7 mA
2.7 mA
Operating Temperature 32oF (0oC) to 120oF (49oC), for Indoor Use Only
     With Surface Mount Backbox
4 3/4 ” H x 3 1/4 ” W x 1.1” D
4 3/4 ” H x 3 1/4 ” W x 2 1/4 ” D (Cast or Sheet Metal)
Weight 1.1 lb
Analog Value 16 = Normal, 64 = Alarm, 4 = Trouble
Address Range 1 - 126 (DIP Switch Programmable)
Color Red with Raised White Letters, White “PULL” Bar with Raised Red Letters


Order Codes and Options

AX-APS2-F1 Intelligent Manual Pull Station, Single Action
AX-APS2-F2 Intelligent Manual Pull Station, Dual Action
AX-APS-BB1 Interior Surface Mount Backbox - Red (Sheet Metal)
AX-APS-BB1-D Deep Interior Surface Backbox, Red
AX-APS-BB2 Weatherproof Die-Cast Back Box, Red
AX-APS-BB2-D Deep Weatherproof Die-cast Back Box, Red
AX-APS-KEY Pull Station lockset c/w 1 key