Commander 3 Series

The Commander 3 Series is a low profile strobe and horn/strobe combination that offers dependable audible and visual alarms and the lowest current available.

The GE3 Series 24VDC offers tamperproof field selectable candela options of 15, 30, 60, 75, and 110 candela. The 12VDC offers tamperproof field selectable candela options of 15, 30, 60, and 75 candela.

The Commander 3 Series horn offers a continuous or sync-able temporal three in 2400Hz and mechanical tone, a chime and whoop tone. All tones are easy for the professional to change in the field by using switches.

The GE3 Series has a minimal operation current and has a minimum flash rate of 1Hz regardless of input voltage.

The Commander 3 Series is shipped with the standard 4” metal mounting plate which incorporates the popular Super -Slide TM feature that allows the installer to test for supervision easily. The product also features a locking mechanism which secures the product to the bracket without any screws showing.

The Commander 3 also features the Checkmate TM - Instant Voltage Verification feature which allows the installer to check the voltage drop draw and match it to the blueprint.

The GE3 Series appliances are UL 464 and UL 1971, listed for use with fire protective systems and are warranted for three years from the date of purchase.



  • Field Selectable Candela Options (15, 30, 60, 75, and 110 Candela)
  • Super-SlideTM Bracket
  • Ease of Supervision Testing CheckmateTM
  • Instant Voltage Verification Switch Selection for High or Low dBA
  • Silence Horn While Strobes Remain Flashing
  • Faceplate Available in Red or Off-White
  • Unit Dimensions: 5” High x 4.5” Wide x 2.5” Deep
  • Lower Installation and Operating Costs
  • Input Terminals 12 to 18 AWG
  • Switch for Chime, Whoop, Mechanical and 2400Hz Tone
  • Tamperproof Re-entrant Grill
  • Switch for Continuous or Temporal 3 (Not available on whoop tone)

Listings and Approvals

  • UL 464 & UL 1971 Listed
  • CAN/ULC S526-M87 Listed
  • ULSZ7.S3406 Listed (GEC3-24, GEH24 & GEH12)
  • FM Approved
  • CSFM: 7135-0569:122 (GEC3-24 & GEH-24)
    • 7125-0569:123 (GES3-24)
    • 7125-0569:129 (GES3-12)
    • 7135-0569:130 (GEC3-12 & GEH-12)
  • BS+A/MEA: 285-91-E (GEC3-24 & GES3-24)
    • 580-06-E (GEC3-12 & GES3-12)

GES3 24 VDC Selectable Candela Low Profile Evacuation Strobe

Model Number Part Number Nominal Voltage Candela (UL 1971)
GES3-24WR 904-1321-002 24 VDC 15, 30, 60, 75, 110
GES3-24WW 904-1319-002 24 VDC 15, 30, 60, 75, 110

Model Designations:

W = Wall Mount
R = Red Faceplate
W= Off-white Faceplate
P = Plain (No Lettering)

All units are available in plain (no lettering). When ordering, add a 'P' to the end of the model number. Plain units are non-returnable. 

ALERT bezel available
AGENT bezel available

GEC3 24 VDC Selectable Candela Low Profile Evacuation Horn/Strobe

Model Number Part Number Nominal Voltage Candela (UL 1971) Reverberant dBA @ 10ft., per UL 464 In Anechoic Room dBA @ 10ft.
GEC3-24WR 904-1317-002 24 VDC 15, 30, 60, 75, 110 62-82 100
GEC3-24WW 904-1315-002 24 VDC 15, 30, 60, 75, 110 62-82 100


GE3-12 Product Strobe Current Ratings

Candela 15cd 30cd 60cd 75cd
12 VDC 106mA 131mA 186mA 237mA
UL Max1 136mA 212mA 331mA 436mA


GE3-24 Product Strobe Current Ratings

Candela 15cd 30cd 60cd 75cd 110cd
24 VDC 55mA 63mA 88mA 112mA 136mA
UL Max1 78mA 96mA 137mA 180mA 224mA

GE3-12 Product Horn Current Ratings

Horn Mode Minimum dBA @ 10ft. per UL 464 (High) Minimum dBA @ 10ft. per UL 464 (Low) Regulated 12 VDC Max. Operating @ High Setting (mA)
Temp 3 2400Hz 76 69* 29
Temp 3 Mechanical 75 68* 26
Temp 3 Chime 62* 60* 13
Continuous 2400HZ 79 74* 29
Continuous Mechanical 78 72* 26
Continuous Chime 63* 61* 13
Whoop 78 71* 55

GE3-24 Product Horn Current Ratings

Horn Mode Minimum dBA @ 10ft. per UL 464 (High) Minimum dBA @ 10ft. per UL 464 (Low) Regulated 24 VDC Max. Operating @ High Setting (mA)
Temp 3 2400Hz 78 71* 28
Temp 3 Mechanical 76 70* 25
Temp 3 Chime 70* 66* 15
Continuous 2400Hz 81 74* 28
Continuous Mechanical 80 72* 25
Continuous Chime 70* 66* 15
Whoop 82 69* 56


  • To obtain the horn/strobe current draw, add the strobe current draw and the horn current draw.
  • Operating temperature: 32oF to 120oF (0oC to 49oC). The GE3 Series is not listed for outdoor use. 
  • The sound output for the temporal 3 tone is rated lower since the time the horn is off is averaged into the sound output rating. While the horn is producing a tone in the temporal 3 mode its sound pressure is the same as the continuous mode. 
  • For nominal and peak current across UL regulated voltage range for filtered DC power and unfiltered (FWR [Full Wave Rectified]) power, see installation manual. 12 VDC models are DC only.
  • Gentex does not recommend using a coded or pulsing signaling circuit with any of our strobe products (See technical bulletin 014).
  • 1RMS current ratings are per UL average RMS method. UL max current rating is the maximum RMS current within the listed voltage range (16-33 VDC for 24 VDC units, 8-17 VDC for 12 VDC units). For strobes, the UL max current is usually at the maximum listed voltage. For unfiltered FWR ratings, see installation manual. 


Mounting Super Slide TM

Die cast metal mounting plate: Mounts to single gang, double gang 4" square boxes or GSB box.

Switch Locations

Switch Position 3 4 5
Mechanical - Temp ON ON ON
Mechanical - Cont. OFF ON ON
Hi - Temp ON OFF ON
Hi - Cont. OFF OFF ON
Chime - Temp ON ON OFF
Chime - Cont. OFF ON OFF

Checkmate TM Instant Voltage Verification

The access holes are provided in the back of the terminal block to allow the voltage to be measured directly without removing the device. Typically this would be done at the end of the line to confirm design criteria. Most measurements will be taken using the S+ and S- locations although access is provided to other locations. NOTE: Care should be taken to not short the test probes. 

Candela Selection

Conventional GES3 & GEC3 Series Wiring Diagram

GE3 Series With Gentex Synchronization Module Wiring Diagram

Note: See technical bulletin 015 for proper synchronization module for application.
Note: When synchronizing the GE3 12 VDC Series, the AVSM synchronization module MUST be used. 


The audible and/or visible signal shall be Gentex GE3 Series or approved equal and shall be listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc per UL 1971 and/or UL 464. The notification appliance shall also be listed with Factory Mutual Listing Service (FM), the California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) and the Bureau of Standards and Appeals (NYC).

The notification appliance (combination audible/visible) shall produce a peak sound output of 100dBA or greater at 12 VDC or 24 VDC as measured in an anechoic chamber. The signaling appliance shall also have the capability to silence the audible signal while leaving the visible signal energized with the use of a single pair of power wires. Additionally, the user shall be able to select either continuous or temporal tone output with the temporal signal having the ability to be synchronized. Unit shall be capable of being installed so that any unauthorized attempt to change the candela setting will result in a trouble signal at the fire alarm control panel.

The audible/visible and visible signaling appliance shall also maintain a minimum flash rate of 1Hz or up to 2Hz regardless of power input voltage. The appliance shall have and operating current of 55mA or less at 24VDC for the 15Cd strobe circuit and 106mA or less at 12VDC for the 15Cd strobe circuit. The appliance shall be polarized to allow for electrical supervision of the system wiring. The unit shall be provided with a mounting bracket with terminals and barriers for input/output wiring and be able to mount to a single gang or double gang box or double workbox without the use of an adaptor plate. 

The unit shall have an input voltage range of 16-33 volts with either direct current, or full wave rectified power for 24 VDC models or a voltage range of 8-17.5 volts for 12 VDC models. The appliance shall be capable of testing supervision without disconnecting wires. Also, the appliance shall be capable of mounting to a surface back box. The unit shall also be able to verify voltage at the unit without removing the unit.